Tankless Water Heaters

Cold showers leaving you feeling iced out? Top of the tub turning cold because it’s too big to fill?

While not new technology, tankless water heaters are becoming one of the most common upgrades homeowners make because of their ability for endless hot water and the increased affordability of a tankless versus a traditional tanked water heater. And yes, you read that right, endless hot water.

You, all the kids, their friends, the neighbors, even the dog can all enjoy hot showers and baths one after another with no one being left in the cold!

How do tankless water heaters differ from traditional tanked water heaters?

Traditional tanked heaters store a given amount of water, usually 50 or 80 gallons depending on their size. The heater keeps that water hot 24/7/365 even when there’s no demand on the unit for hot water, such as when showering or doing dishes. Can you say inefficient? And we all know too well what happens when all of that water is exhausted from the tank -- either you’re not getting a shower or you’re taking a cold one!

This is where a tankless differs. Rather than storing hot water for if and when someone needs it, it makes hot water on demand. Whether you’re turning on the washing machine, washing your hands at a sink, or filling the tub, a built-in sensor on the tankless water heater allows the unit to know when to make hot water and using advanced heating exchangers, can heat water quickly and on demand, allowing for truly endless hot water.

Image of a plumber replacing gas boiler
Image of a tankless water heater

Misperceptions and Requirements About Tankless

While not a new model of water heater for the plumbing industry, tankless water heaters are gaining more traction among homeowners for their small, wall mounted footprint, sleek design and endless hot water. While not applicable for every home due to their need for either natural gas or propane fuel, in homes where they are appropriate, tankless water heaters can be an affordable luxury for many homeowners. While there is a market for electric tankless water heaters, our team at Paramount Plumbing Heating and Air Conditioning installs models that are fueled by natural gas or propane only.

Not only do tankless units offer that small wall mounted footprint we mentioned, they’re also directly vented to the outside, which means there’s no need for a chimney and no chance of an exhaust leak inside. Utilizing PVC piping and ideally an outside wall a tankless water heater setup will vent directly through a wall and pull air directly from outside.

Tankless water heaters get the award for being the ultimate in efficiency and volume of water. What used to be understood as a luxury upgrade due to cost, tankless water heaters are now within the same price range as many traditional tanked water heaters. Due to increases in the price of tanked water heaters, what was once an extreme difference between the cost of a tanked and tankless water heater is now nearly non-existent.

If you find yourself wondering if an upgrade to a tankless water heater is something you’d like to consider, a consultation with one of Paramount Plumbing, Heating and Air Conditionings knowledgeable technicians is the first step in bringing your home and family into the new age of upgraded, ultimate-efficiency water heaters!

Ready to talk to a Paramount professional about Tankless Water Heater Installation?

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Saves Energy

Approximately 30% on the gas used to heat your water

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Saves Space

The unit is about the size of a suitcase and mounts to a wall

long warranty icon

Long warranty

Manufacturer parts 3- 5 years, heat exchanger 12-15 years.

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Endless Hotwater

Never run out of hot water for your family!

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Same cost

Similar in cost to a traditional tanked water heater