HVAC Service Plans

Machines and engines work better and for longer when they’re properly maintained. Your car gets an oil change on a routine basis because if it didn’t, it wouldn’t be long before you were facing costly engine repairs. You clean the filter on your vacuum to ensure it keeps its strong suction. Your HVAC system is no different and routine maintenance and filter changes will keep it running efficiently and properly for its lifetime.

Get the most our of your system

Maintained systems break down less and achieve higher energy efficiency year in and year out in comparison to systems that see little to no maintenance from the time of purchase. Shockingly, a survey done in 2018 showed that only 42% of homeowners perform routine maintenance on their HVAC system, but those maintained HVAC systems lasted 40% longer than unmaintained systems.

Our expansive knowledge on the longevity of maintained systems is what drove us to establish our heating and air conditioning maintenance plan.

A HVAC Maintenance plan with Paramount Plumbing, Heating and Air Conditioning goes beyond the typical filter change or recharge. Your heating and air conditioning system has many complicated parts. Motors, blowers, electrical circuits, an exhaust system and complex coolants just to name a few. Our qualified technicians check, inspect and clean both the inside and outside of your unit ensuring it’s operating at its peak level. These routine maintenance checks have shown to save our customers up to $60 a month on their energy costs!

Aside from the cost savings you see with a maintained system, there are more reasons than not to give your system the bi-annual service it deserves. Here are just some of the additional reasons a routine maintenance plan is beneficial:

Paramount HVAC Maintenance

Improving your comfort

We depend on our HVAC systems to keep us comfortable no matter the temperature outside. Regular maintenance of your systems ensures that it is not only able to produce warm or cool air but also evenly distribute that air through your home. Regular maintenance can also minimize the chance of odd noises or smells that can disrupt your homes comfort level.

Keep Your Home Safer

While not so much of a concern in the Summer, a conditioned home keeps havoc at bay during the winter months. Frozen pipes can be a devastating result of a failed HVAC system, especially when families are away from home for extended periods of time. Routine HVAC maintenance can also help protect you and your family against the risks of carbon monoxide leaks, most commonly caused by a cracked or failed heat exchanger. Our HVAC inspections can ensure we catch this kind of damage before it causes any harm, and our HVAC technicians can also talk to you about the benefits of installation carbon monoxide detectors.

Give Yourself Peace of Mind

There’s nothing more important than your own peace of mind. A routine HVAC maintenance plan with Paramount Plumbing, Heating and Air Conditioning can help safeguard your home (and wallet!) against costly, unforeseen repairs. Knowing your home will be comfortable regardless of the weather outside because of your routine HVAC system maintenance will make those cold nights and hot days a breeze.

Customized plans to fit your needs

There aren’t many things that are one size fit all and the maintenance plans we offer at Paramount Plumbing, Heating and Air Conditioning are no different. We developed our maintenance plans to be able to serve all our customers no matter the type of units their homes have. We offer 3 levels of our heating and air conditioning maintenance plans to choose from, with each subsequent level offering additional benefits and discount savings. Regardless of the plan that best suits your homes HVAC needs each level include both a Spring and Fall inspection.

Thinking an HVAC maintenance plan might be the right choice for your home? Our friendly team at Paramount Plumbing, Heating and Air Conditioning is ready to serve you and your homes needs. Give us a call today!