Heating Installation

Here at Paramount Plumbing, Heating and Air Conditioning we are committed to installing the best quality heating and ventilation equipment for each and every customer we serve. Your comfort and satisfaction are our number one concern. Addressing your comfort needs starts with installing equipment from the industry’s most trusted manufacturers.

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Pennsylvania is no stranger to cold weather, with overnight temperatures known to drop into single digits. Making sure your home has an efficient and adequate heating system installed is important to ensure that your family gets through those blustery winters inside a warm, comfortable home.

Roughly one third of the homes in Chester County were built during the last housing bubble and most of those homes were built with builder grade HVAC systems that are incredibly inefficient by today’s standards. In addition to plenty of newer homes, Chester County and its surrounding areas also feature plenty of older historic homes, some of which still use fuel oil as their primary heating source. While appropriate for certain home situations, oil systems are not only costly to operate but they can be incredibly inefficient and “dirty” to run.

Whether your home is 20 years old or 200 years old, an upgrade to a more efficient system, whether it be electric, gas or propane can make a difference not only in your homes comfort but also in your home heating costs.

Properly Upgrade your system

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In addition to ensuring we meet peak efficiency we also aim to avoid “replacing a box with a box”. Among the HVAC industry there seems to be some confusion regarding how to properly upgrade or update a system. “Replacing a box with a box” is exactly as it sounds, replacing the outdoor unit (which resembles a box) with another outdoor unit. While this can be a good start to an updated system it often times doesn’t represent the full solution. If an installer fails to account for and update other aspects of a system, such as ductwork, venting, turning veins and even filter sizes, you could simply just be passing along the inefficiencies of your old system to your new system. Aside from remaining inefficient, these inconsistencies with an update or upgrade can lead to premature failure of your new unit.

Paramount Plumbing, Heating and Air Conditioning, installs brands that folks know and trust such as American Standard, Bosch and Fujitsu, just to name a few. And when it comes to ensuring your satisfaction, we make sure that we deliver quality installation by trained technicians at fair prices that will fit your budget.

installing a system that meets your needs

Over the years, we have seen heating and air conditioning manufacturers come and go, get bought out and renamed, and sometimes cease operations all together. It is not uncommon for one parent company to own several HVAC brands that compete with one another in the consumer marketplace. Knowing this about the HVAC industry makes our goal less about installing only a certain manufacturer and more about installing the system and manufacturer that best meets your budget.

At Paramount Plumbing, Heating and Air Conditioning our goal is to deliver the most value out of any heating and ventilation company in the marketplace. We do this by bringing our knowledge and expertise to each job we quote and promise only to recommend equipment that is right for your home, family and budget. Our technicians work with your concerns and goals to recommend a system that will be the puzzle piece fit for your home.

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If you’re considering updating your home’s heating or air conditioning system our first recommendation is to have a consultation with one of our qualified technicians from Paramount Plumbing, Heating and Air Conditioning to look over your current set up and recommend the best plan of action for your desires and budget.

Generally speaking, the more efficient the equipment is the more expensive it is. As our goal always remains to offer our customers the best system for the desired budget, our typical home comfort bid will include three options reflecting an entry level model, a mid-grade model and one that is the most efficient and/or includes the most advanced features. This not only allows us to work best with your budget but also offer our customers the opportunity to see different options and that a heating system with greater efficiency may not cost as much as they anticipated.

Installing a new or upgraded heating system requires a team with the knowledge and expertise to get the job done right the first time, and every time. Trusting our team at Paramount Plumbing, Heating and Air Conditioning brings means you be sure your home will be at peak comfort, efficiency and affordability all winter long.

Discover our financing options

While we aim to always deliver an air conditioning install that meets every budget, we also understand that installing or replacing a heating system, while worthwhile, can be a big investment. We are proud to be able to offer multiple financing options for our customers to be able to meet their needs not just at the budget level but at the affordability level. Our friendly team at Paramount Plumbing, Heating and Air Conditioning can meet with you to discuss our financing options or you can get started at your own convenience right here on our site!